Being a celebrant is a great job.  Often couples find it hard to articulate what they want in their ceremony.  However, after a chat about some of the options available, things start to fall into place.  It is a great feeling as people relax and start to enjoy the process of producing their wedding ceremony.

I get to meet wonderful people in love, planning to spend their lives together in marriage.  I become privy to their story, and I convert that story into the centre of a unique ceremony.  And, after a lot of fun and a lot of work, I get to be a part of a fantastic wedding ceremony. How good is that?”

The Process


We meet over coffee to discuss the type of ceremony you want, and what levels of romance, humour and formality.  You decide, and let me know if you feel comfortable with me, and want to engage me.


We meet again where I gather information to let me prepare a draft ceremony to email to you. This is normally about where and how you met, things you do together, your plans, and what it is about your partner that makes you want to marry them.

The “Notice of Intended Marriage” is also completed at this time.


You email back any changes, and I prepare the ceremony. If you want to write your own vows, I will have sent you examples and websites that specialise in this.


A week or two before the ceremony, a further Government form needs to be signed.  This can coincide with a rehearsal of the ceremony.


On your wedding day, I attend about an hour before the ceremony, to ensure everything is under control. If there is a problem, I fix it.


The ceremony is perfect, with laughter, tears, applause and cheers.


You both live happily ever after.

Creating the awesome ceremony you want, is the most important thing to me.

My Wedding Package

Preparation of Ceremony based on conversations with you

Unlimited changes to the Ceremony, based on your preferences

Meet with you to sign ‘Voluntary Nature of the Marriage’ document and go over final ceremony details

Conduct rehearsal (Bride entering, where does the groom stand, carrying of the train or the veil, seating, signing table, logistics of the rings, music angle of the sun and other important issues)

Conduct ceremony on your chosen day

Completion and lodgement of all legal documents with the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Standard PA equipment

Travel to and from your chosen venue (in Perth)

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